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Interior: ×× mm · ×× inch

Exterior: ×× mm · ×× inch


Easy 2 Set & Reset

TSA Accepted with Flexible shackle


The holes next to the clips are positioned so that you can close the case with a padlock. You can choose a combination padlock or a padlock with a key. These points are also ideal to seal the suitcase with a seal. Although a ty-rip or cable tie also ensures that the suitcase cannot be opened by just anyone. You need 2 padlocks to securely lock a MAX® case.

After opening all clips, there is a certain flexibility in the lid. The larger the suitcase, the further you can open the corners. We therefore recommend using 2 padlocks on the outer two points at the front.

Into the MAXLOCK -AC

  • Interior: ×× mm · ×× inch
  • Exterior: ×× mm · ×× inch
  • Cover depth - bottom:
  • Weight: 0.25 Kg kg
  • Capacity: Lt
  • Temperatures: °C · °F

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