Dominik Górski: Shooting Coach and Competitor

Dominik Górski: Shooting Coach and Competitor

My name is Dominik Górski and I am both a IPSC competitor and an experienced practical shooting coach. I am deeply engaged, not only in participating, but also co-creating the polish IPSC shooting scene.

As a competitor I have won 2 gold and 4 silver medals in Polish Championships in 2 different equipment divisions, as well as many other medals in high ranking tournaments. I had a privilege of  representing Poland in World Championship in 2017 and European Championship in 2019 and 2023.

Being a Chief Range Officer of NROI, most of the time i participate in competitions i do it also as a judge and for quite some time an organizer. I started a series of bigger competitions called „The BIG” in 2021 and also a very popular PLSD (Polish Dynamic Shooting League).

As a trainer, coming from a background of physical training and a pioneer of strength and conditioning training among shooters, I aim to enable my pupils to reach their peak physical condition. As an active member of The Main International Shooting Instructors Association, Captain of my own NoLimit DVC Shooting Team and founder of Strzeleckie Grupy Treningowe (Shooter Training Groups), I train, motivate and encourage new shooters to become better in Practical Shooting on a daily basis.

Max cases help me transport and protect my equipment, sights and ammunition when travelling in country or abroad, land or air, giving me one , very important part of the sport, less to worry about. No matter if competing, organizing events , training others or myself, cooperation with MAX helps me focus entirely on the merit of these activities. 

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